Reliable Snowplowing Specialists Inc.

Continous 24/7
Weather Monitoring

Reliable uses a variety of tools in order to ensure the most accurate picture of the current and changing weather conditions. We enlist the services of a private meteorogical service whose only speciallty is keeping customers on the cutting edge of current weather conditions. They provide us with a regulary updated 2 hour heads up to anything coming our way. This particular meteorogical group advises the nuclear power plants in this region of the U.S. as well.

Reliable has immediate acces to every airport's data for weather updates and snow/ice covering. This is the same information available to commercial airline pilots for flight planning. Reliable has access to data provided by road sensors on bridges and the road watch system which alerts to any changes on roadway surface tempatures.

Internet subscription radar weather sites are monitored regulary from our office command center as well as by the lead vehicles in each zone out in the field via wireless phones and laptops.