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Continuity Planning

What happens if a key player or a primary tool is unavailable?  Reliable has a business continuity procedure in place to accommodate for any “glitches” or disasters in the system whether it relates to personnel or equipment.  There is depth within the roles of leadership from cross training to shared or partnered responsibilities. The customer zones are serviced through the team concept so that each facility is assigned a primary associate who is supported by a team leader and a minimum of 4 other worker / teammates. 
The Reliable office and dispatching center are equipped with backup generators.  We have our own on-site fuel tanks that are always available-no matter what.
The Reliable radio communications system includes backup radio towers, which have emergency generators in order to ensure continuance of service.  These towers are the same as those used by fire and police forces.
Our office also has three other sites from which to work out of immediately including full IT redundancy (Work in the cloud).  The phone system and internet service at Reliable have a copper line backup.  These tools work in partnership with the other backups in order to provide uninterrupted snow and ice management for our customers.
Our mechanical shop is equipped with full-time mechanics, and the most frequently needed replacement parts are always on the shelf for immediate repairs.  The guarantees quick turn around on any repair need so that the equipment is back out in the field to aid with timely delivery of service to our customers.
Reliable will never run out of salt.  We have an on-site salt pile that never goes below 2/3 of the salt needed for a complete season of usage.  Sometimes there are restrictions placed by the state on the distribution of salt for commercial use.  Reliable has a guaranteed salt reserve alliance for a private stockpile which provides additional salt when needed regardless of any short stock or restriction through local salt mines.
This plan enables us to certify to our customers that they will be provided exemplary service with each snow / ice event.

Video Presentation of Reliable's Network Disaster Prevention

Reliable's Network is Protected So That Your Facility is Protected from Mother Nature!